Is there covered parking?   We have only a few spots that are covered and they cannot be reserved due to availability on arrival.  However, customers can request a covered space (awning) and if available on arrival, a $10,00 week fee would be paid at the lot at time of parking.

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What is the Galveston City Parking Tariff?  This is a new tax enacted by the City of Galveston whereby parking facilities that do long term cruise parking are required to collect the fee ($1.15 per day) on behalf of the City of Galveston.

Is it alright to go to the terminal before parking and drop off checked baggage and passengers?

Absolutely, and it is recommended.  The small amount of time that it takes to accomplish this is well worth any wait that may be involved.  Some passengers have told us that they dropped off their party with baggage near the crosswalk where they will join them after parking and all cross the street to the terminal.   

How far is the parking lot from the ship?  Do you have a shuttle?

There is a pedestrian signaled crossing at 25th and Harborside.  From our gate to the pedestrian crossing is 1400 feet.  That distance is walkable in 5 to 7 minutes at an average pace .    If physical limitations preclude comfortably walking, then it is advisable in that circumstance that one should consider taking a shuttle to the terminal drop off area.  Since we do not shuttle, you may want to consider alternatives.